Announcement of Head of Kedarnathji
Jul 01 2015

Announcement of Head of Kedarnathji

The Hindu activist Bharat Jangam had been researching and claiming that Doleshwar Mahadev is the head part of Kedarnath based on the surprising links between Kedarnath and Doleshwor. The Sculptures of Shive found in both shrines are 4,000 years old. Even a stone scripture found in Doleshwor was written in Kannada, an Indian language.The priests in both shrines are selected from Indian’s southern states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Both priests affix the word ‘ling’ after their names to convey their proximity to the god as his worshipper and both temples have a cluster of five Shiva shrines. The main deity of both priests is Birbhadra, a companion of Shiva, according to Hindu scriptures.
In August 22, 2009 the head priest of Kedarpeeth Shree 1008 Jagat Guru Bheemashankarling Shivacharya unveiled the plaque claiming that Doleswore Mahadev, located in Jangam math Bhaktapur, is the head part of Shri Kedarnath. He performed Rudra Abhishek, a special worshipping at the Doleshwor temple situated in Sipadol village of Bhaktapur district. This is also mentioned in the inscription (Sheela Lekh) at Doleshwar Mahadev.
Thousands of devotees have been thronging in the Doleswor Mahadev Temple.

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